Nexops provides premium web design and development services to fulfill our clients and partners’ technology needs - anything from promotional marketing to operational efficiency to core innovation.


The Nexops team is an exceptionally talented group of web developers, designers, and architects.  Our project managers hold engineering degrees from MIT and Harvard, and they have served both Fortune 500 companies and major US federal government agencies throughout their careers.  As an industry-agnostic, solutions-oriented firm, Nexops has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients to help them leverage the latest web technologies for their businesses and organizations.

We are fully focused on seamlessly providing custom web development services to companies of all sizes, from early-stage startups to major corporations.  Our team bridges the gap between business drivers and technology expertise to deliver web solutions that are intelligently tailored to our clients’ unique needs.  Read more about our services.

Joseph Kim, President

Joseph Kim oversees all the major business functions at Nexops, including business development, corporate strategy, resource recruitment, and global operations. Mr. Kim takes a hands-on approach in managing client relationships and optimizing the company’s project delivery models to ensure client satisfaction.

Prior to co-founding Nexops, Mr. Kim served as the Director of Consulting at a leading security technology company and as a Senior Consultant at a strategy consulting firm specializing in competitive intelligence. As a consultant, he has directly advised several senior managers at leading global companies, including the current and former CEOs of General Electric, First Data, Fujitsu, LG, and Lotus.

Mr. Kim has appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, and BusinessWeek TV as a technology expert and has been quoted in hundreds of publications, including the New York Times, Forbes and USA Today. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.

Kyoko Kaneda, Vice President

Kyoko Kaneda is responsible for overseeing project fulfillment, staffing development teams, and managing client accounts. She has directed the development of interactive web properties and custom business applications for dozens of organizations, including JPMorgan Chase, Adobe Systems, Business Objects, Nestle, and the CW Network.

Prior to co-founding Nexops, Ms. Kaneda was a consultant at a leading security technology firm. In that role, she consulted for several major government agencies, including the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, US Department of State, and US Department of Homeland Security.

Ms. Kaneda has been quoted in Fortune, Entrepreneur, and dozens of other publications as an expert technology commentator. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard University.